Mapping Multiple Locations

Mapping Multiple Locations with MapAList

0. This used to be easy on Yahoo Maps. Ten years ago it was a regular feature. Maybe not a popular one, but I loved it. Now you gotta write a bunch of code to translate names to GPS locations and create a KML file or something. Luckily someone else has already done all the nerdy work for you…
1. Create a Google Spreadsheet of addresses. You can have multiple other columns. It will guess which is the address column.
2. Create an account on MapAList.com Their privacy protection seems pretty good – they share aggregated data and use your data to display ads.
3. Jump through a couple hoops – there are a half dozen (Next) buttons to click through. MapAList guesses which is the address column, confirm or correct the guess. Give your map a name, generate it.
4. If you like, you can share it out. Every POI is clickable with the name of you gave the and directions to it (but not the address – maybe worthwhile doing two address columns one to generate the map, one to display. I haven’t tried).