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How to format cells in Excel

This is so easy, but so useful.

Training Wheels
In recent versions of Excel, you can click on a cell, then on the paintbrush icon in the ‘Home’ ribbon bar / Clipboard panel / little paintbrush icon’. Then click on a destination source and the formatting (font, color and background color) are copied. Nice.

To paste to several sequential cells, click, formatbrush then click and drag the format across several cells in a row.

BMX mode
Here’s the cool part. To paste to non-sequential cells double-click the format painter icon. The click any cell of your fancy to paste the format. Hit Esc key to drop out of daVinci mode.


X Games
Conditional Formatting.  If you want cells to format themselves based on their values, look into conditional formatting. You can define formats based on the cell contents. Say perhaps all negative values get a red italicized format.
Select a group of cells, say a column, click HomeRibbon/Styles Panel/Conditional Formatting. Select ‘Highlight Cell Rules’ / ‘Less Than’. Choose a format for the cells then input the number to the ‘less than’ field. Apply.
Interestingly, you can apply multiple conditional formats in sequence. Cells which are not affected by the newly applied conditions retain their previous formatting.