There are many ways to administer NetBackup

  •  NetBackup Administration Console [Windows only]

    •    Installed from the Windows Server Install package.
    •    Doesn’t need a license.
    •    Looks like the Java, but windowsy
    •    The preferred tool for administering NBU when the master server is unix
  •  Java [Preferred method on Unix, but work on Windows too]

    •    Unix: jnbSA  Windows: “C:\Program Files\NetBackup\Java\nbjava.bat”
      • “C:\Program Files\NetBackup\Java\setconf.bat”
        • Changeable Fields
        • SET MAX_MEMORY=2040M
    •    Windows [ Java Windows Admin Console icon – batchfile]
    •    Provides more information, which is sortable than the Java.
    •    A better tool for viewing the status, but changes should be made via java tool
  •  Text Based

  •    Benefit :    The most efficient – tailor it to show just the information you want
  •    Cost     :    The most complex
  •    NB Mgmt : bpadm
    • define media svr, dates (optionally client)
      • Choose Reports –
      • Show Backup Status
      • List Backups during the period (client, policy name/type, time, expire)
      • Show problems

Upgrade to NetBackup 7.5 can occur from all NetBackup 6.x and NetBackup 7.x versions. OpsCenter should be updated first, followed by the NetBackup Master Server, then Media Servers, then Clients.